I have been meaning to personally take a CPR class, and I could never ever forgive myself if I was with someone, let's say a friend, a co-worker, my wife, my kids, or just a stranger in a restaurant, and they started choking and I couldn't do anything about it.

What a helpless feeling that would be.

I'm hoping this story that I saw on WCVB NEWS 5 will give me the push to get off my buttocks and finally learn it.

While a Gloucester, Massachusetts, daughter and her mother were eating at a restaurant, her mom got up and started choking, the news station reported. Thankfully, the daughter had been to a CPR class just hours before, according to WCVB, and was able to help her get the food that was stuck.

I mean, the daughter just took a class, how crazy is that? This women just learned about CPR hours before this happened!

I believe that things always happen for a reason. Whatever prompted this woman to take that course god bless her because she saved her own mother's life! I think this is something we should all learn to do!

Congratulations go out to Karen O’Donnell for saving her mom, Sarah Olsen. Now I need to find out where to take this safety class.

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