Some things never change.  The great lobster debate rages on.  How do you want your lobster roll?  Hot or cold?  I personally want cold with mayonnaise.  There are so many choices to choose from.  Some like a lobster roll topped with truffle butter. To locals, a lobster roll is a delightful memory of childhood.  To visitors and tourists, it is a must food to eat to make the travel experience to New England complete.  They are pretty expensive but when you look at how hard it is to catch a lobster; you will understand the price tag.

Lobster rolls in our area can range from $16 to $24 in some places.  So, now that you have decided to have a delicious lobster roll, you step up and order one from either a fancy restaurant or a roadside stand, you can’t just say “one lobster roll please.”  You must direct the seller of said lobster roll on how to prepare it for you.  Now is where you get into murky territory.  According to, the hot lobster roll originated in Connecticut and the cold variety came from Maine.  With that being said, I think I have to travel around to each state in New England and try one in each.


The secret to a fantastic lobster roll is apparently in how the lobster is cooked and gives an astounding tip.  We all know you cook the lobster in water, but the trick is to cook the lobster in ocean water.  If you want to try making lobster roll at home, pick up some lobster but make sure you head over to the beach and grab a few gallons of ocean water for cooking.  Then, it is up to you whether you choose cold with mayo or go bold with hot and buttered.  Any way you eat it, it’s delicious and a New England staple.



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