Earlier this week, we took a Facebook survey asking our listeners about their favorite beer.

In case you feel like celebrating, Saturday, April 7 is National Beer Day.

See, I've always been a Miller Lite kinda girl. I never got into any of the craft or micro brews. Give me a good ol' Miller Lite (preferably in a bottle) and I'm a happy camper.

As a matter of fact, whenever my friends and I get together for a visit at one of our homes for a night of catching up and chit chat, it's Miller Lite (cans and bottles) that are the drink of choice.

But, according to our Facebook survey, it seems many of you in New Hampshire that responded to the question are all about the craft brews.

Check it out for yourself and feel free to add your favorite beer and let us know if you prefer it in a can, bottle or on draft.

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