Sneaky scammers are trying to steal your Amazon gift card cash with promises of great products at a cheap price.


You may be tempted by a hot deal on the internet, but beware if it is too good to be true and involves an Amazon gift card.

The Federal Trade Commission is warning gift card owners of an online scam that drains the funds from your balance.

First website will promise popular high-tech gadgets and other items at deep discounts. Only positive reviews are posted (by the scammers because the websites open and close too fast for negative ones) and it seems like a surefire thing. Upon checkout you are asked to purchase an Amazon gift card and use it as payment.

Unfortunately, the customer ends up with nothing and the scam artist ends up with the cash. The worst thing is that the protections granted from Amazon Payments don't apply to using a gift card outside of the online store.

Avoid a scam like this by always buying from a website with a longstanding reputation and using secure payment methods.