What issues are important to you? It’s hard to figure out in political speak what the candidates even represent on some issues.

Wouldn’t it be great to have them over to cook dinner with you so you could really get to know who they are as real people?

Well, according to seacoastonline.com, Julie Cutting, owner of the Portsmouth, New Hampshire restaurant, Cure, is helping us all out. She will be hosting a YouTube show called “Candidate Kitchen” in which she has 2020 presidential candidates come over to her kitchen and chat while cooking a meal.

This show started June 26 on YouTube and the first episode featured Democratic candidate Julian Castro.

According to seacoastonline.com, Cutting says she will not be diving deep into issues or attempting to catch them unaware.  Her aim is to just see how they are as real people, and she just wants them to have fun.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by sharing a meal so I will be checking this out.



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