Imagine stumbling across a dead shark the size of a pickup truck. Or you're swimming and you bump into this thing, my god that would scare the crap out of me.

That’s just what happened to some Maine fishers in Bremen, Maine, according to

Turns out it was a basking shark, also known by its scientific name Cetorhinus maximus, the article revealed.

I suppose the “maximus” refers to the huge size of the basking shark. The basking shark that washed up on the Maine beach was 26 feet long, according to

Gee, I thought seeing a dead possum on the side of the road is scary.  I can’t even dream of how you deal with a dead shark of that size.

The basking shark is the largest fish that you would find off the coast of our waters here, according to If you spot one in the water, don’t worry, it won’t bite you, but if you get in their way, they can bump you pretty hard.

The cause of death for the shark found on the coast in Maine is unknown, but officials with the Maine Department of Marine Resources took samples to find out, the article stated.

I recall writing about a dead whale that washed up on a beach in New England earlier this year and learned that these carcasses are usually hauled off to a local farm and used as fertilizer.

I suppose the circle of life goes on.

It would be a terrifying find for me if I was on one of my early morning beach walks. I came across a seal recently and it didn't smell too good... I hope the officials find out the cause of death.  They are majestic animals and I hope to spot one off the coast... but while on a boat, not while swimming someday.


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