(Dover, NH) - I have to admit, the older I get, the more changes I have made to my daily diet. And in truth, I feel better than I have in a long time!

My daily snacks
My daily snacks

I have done morning radio for my entire adult life, and for a long time I lived on coffee, donuts and, for many years, cigarettes as the staples of my morning diet.

I quit smoking in 1982, but the coffee and donuts remained. In fact, for a while I was eating a half-dozen donuts a day after I kicked the cigarette habit!  My weight has never been an issue. I have not fluctuated more than 7 pounds up or down in the past 40 years!

My adult daughters are more health conscious than I ever was, and it has obviously rubbed off on me.

My morning starts with a shake made up of coffee, protein powder, brewers yeast and coconut oil. It gives me that pick-me-up I need at 4 each morning.

While I do occasionally succumb to temptation and eat a Dunkin Munchkin or two when they appear in the station cafeteria, my snack drawer is now filled with Organic Granola, Prairie Raised Buffalo Bites, Unsalted Cashews, and Non-GMO Peanut Butter spread on a multi-grain toast. I keep a weeks supply of Yogurt in my office fridge.  I do need to add more fruit to my diet (not a fruit fan!).

Regular exercise and a round or two (three!) of golf each  week should keep me going for another 35 years or so. I hope by then 100 will be the new 60.

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