Meghan Trainor and Brett Eldredge are two very different artists. However, they both have unique and sultry sounds to their voices and when you put them together it is sheer magic.

I have loved this dynamic duo ever since they paired up in 2014 for "Baby It's Cold Outside" which is featured on Brett's Christmas album "Glow".

When I heard they were together agian for CMT Crossroads I was like "OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!" CMT gave us a little teaser of whats to come by releasing this performance of Meghan's latest single "Let You Be Right". I'm obsessed!

They will also be tag teaming "Drunk on Your Love", "Wanna Be That Song" and "All About That Bass". I'm mad this airs past my bedtime but that is what On Demand is for, am I right?

Catch CMT Crossroads with Meghan Trainor and Brett Eldredge on September 3rd @ 10pm.

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