And I take my grilled cheese sandwiches really seriously.

The beauty of this grilled cheese of the gods was that I was able to create it myself. I wasn't confined to the ingredients that they think belong in a grilled cheese sandwich. It was all up to me!

I decided I wanted roasted tomatoes, onions, goat cheese and a fried egg (yes, a fried egg) in this bad boy. AND THEY MADE IT SO!

Kira Lew

We started our experience with some cocktails because it was Friday and sometimes you need to live a little. Steven got a beer that they brew right there in house and I got this delightful concoction called a Blackberry Smash.

Kira Lew

I also highly reccomend the vegetarian chili but only if you can handle the heat because it is quite spicy.

The fact that i've lived right around the corner from 7th Settlement and just tried it for the first time really goes to show I don't have my priorities in line. However, a listener/friend of mine Bonnie said their brunch is absoLutely to die for so that is being moved up on my list of priorites.