Isn't is awesome to see people doing nice things for each other all in the name of Christmas?

This guy, Richard Allen, from Portsmouth New Hampshire decided to "Christmas-fy" his truck and drive it around to make people smile. He started this in the height of the pandemic when there wasn't a whole lot to smile about and guess what?  It worked!

So he decided to bring back the Christmas mobile this year and spread even more cheer.

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

I was doing a little shopping in downtown Portsmouth the other day (as I do) when I saw Richard parked on Congress Street. Like a little kid who just spotted Santa, I ran over to him and started spouting off about how I much I loved his truck. I explained that I am Jewish but am really into Christmas; the movies, the music, the decorations, everything! This was probably more than Richard cared to know but he politely listened to me drone on about my love of Christmas.

When he finally got a chance to speak, Richard told me that almost all of the decorations you see on his truck are from the Dollar Store. He decorated this bad boy on the cheap which makes me love it even more!

He also told me the truck will be featured in the Portsmouth Holiday Parade which is happening Saturday, December 4th in Market Square.

There will be a tree lighting ceremony, food drive, and of course the parade! And if it is anything like the Halloween parade it is sure to be epic.

Check out more details on the parade here.

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