History is cool, and I wish someone told 16-year-old Kira that. I'm ashamed to say I never paid attention in history class because I thought it had nothing to do with me.

Now that I am older and (dare I say) wiser, I realize that history has EVERYTHING to do with us. Everything in our lives has evolved throughout history. The type of food we eat, the buildings we live in, everything!

And when something withstands decades or in some cases even centuries, those things deserve a closer look.

I recently visited my friend Mel from high school in Charlestown, New Hampshire, which is not too far from the Vermont border. She took me to the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, Vermont, and to get there we drove through the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge.

This bridge has been standing strong since 1866. Yup, it's 154 years old! Isn't that amazing? I personally think it's pretty awesome that you enter the bridge in New Hampshire and emerge in Vermont. It's almost like being in two places at once.

The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge boasts about being the longest covered bridge in the country. But then other bridges have been like "Well, I'm actually longer than you so simmer down now".

If you are trying to get your bridge trivia straight, here are the facts!

According to Wikipedia, the Cornish-Windsor Covered bridge was the longest covered (still standing) bridge in the country until 2008. The Smolen-Gulf Bride opened in Ohio in 2008 and robbed the Cornish-Windsor bridge of that claim to fame.

HOWEVER, Cornish-Windsor is still cool in it's own right as it is s still the longest wooden covered bridge to carry automobile traffic. Take that, Ohio!

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