This morning we were chatting on the air about how Lucky Charms is releasing 15,000 boxes of just the marshmallows. That's right, the best part! You might have to hip check a few kids in the cereal aisle at Market Basket but it's worth it to get your paws on that magical deliciousness.

This turned into a discussion about snacks from our youth. For me, it is definitely Hoodsie cups that take me back to my childhood. One bite would transport me to my Bubbie's (that means grandma in Yiddish) basement, watching Nickolodean cartoons after school. I would dive into her downstairs freezer and help myself to a Hoodsie cup. I only liked the strawberry, I wasn't into the chocolate for some reason.

Here are the snacks that take our listeners back:

Is there a snack that reminds you of your childhood?

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