I saw an interesting take on whether to welcome hunters on your land from one landowner in Maine in the Bangordailynews.com.  My father-in-law owned 180 acres in Northwestern PA and he posted signs all around his property that said “Posted – No Hunting” and I never really gave it a thought.  I mean it was his land, so I suppose he had his reasons.  I came upon this article in the Bangordailynews.com and I realized that there are benefits that you never know about when you DO allow hunters on your property and this article summed it up perfectly.  It was a letter written by Stephen Titcomb of Maine who had passed away a few years ago.  His wife Terri Titcomb shared it with John Holyoke who writes for BND outdoors and it really touched me.


Some of the benefits Stephens Titcomb got from not banning hunters from his property were probably acts of kindness that were unknown to him.  Things that happened that he probably never even knew about.  But a few of the stories in the letter touched my heart.  Like the time he relates that a hunter was in a tree stand on his property and noticed someone trying to break into Stephen’s camp.  If he didn’t allow hunters on his property, the break-in would have happened and who knows what he could have lost, but a thoughtful hunter stopped it from happening.


He then relates the story in his letter about when he needed a new well dug on his property.  After digging the well, he asked the gentleman how much he owed him for the work and the worker said “Nothing! I’ve hunted up here for years and I appreciate that you’ve never posted your land, you don’t owe me a thing,” according to the letter that Stephen Titcomb wrote that was shared with BangorDailyNews.com editor John Holoyoke.  I invite you to read the whole letter on the link below.  My father-in-law passed away several years ago and I never got to ask him about his policy, but I think if I owned a large piece of land here, I would welcome hunters.



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