I’m up for challenges in 2020. Mount Monadnock is the second most climbed mountain in the WORLD according to goeast.ems.com and I’m getting my gear ready. I headed over to Kittery Trading Post and loaded up on some hiking gear including some ice cleats also known as Microspikes.  I have polished up my trekking poles and I think I am ready to go. Got my gallon of water ready and I am set to explore the great outdoors. My wife is a big bookworm and tells me this place was an inspiration to the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau(I have no idea who these people are)

It is the tallest peak for miles, so I am prepared for the whipping winds when I reach the summit, but I am looking most forward to the spectacular views. Goeast.ems.com says I can see the White Mountains, Vermont ski mountains and search for landmarks in six New England States so I am excited. Apparently, “monadnock” is an old Abenaki word meaning “mountain standing alone.” I’m taking a friend in case I get into some trouble. I am so pumped to take on this challenge and looking forward to grabbing a beer and a good meal afterward. New Year, New me.

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