I have become a big fan of Polar Seltzer over the past few years. I especially love the limited edition fun flavors they release in the Summertime. Remember unicorn kisses? It tasted like cotton candy! Or Mermaid songs? I forget what that one tasted like but I remember the can was really precious. I am a sucker for a pretty can.

stayceann via Instagram

Polar Seltzer has been in the bubbly water business for 138 years! That is over four generations! And for all of those years it has been family-owned and operated, which is pretty awesome.

According to Boston.com, the Worcester Massachusetts based company celebrated their 100th recipe on Monday. They decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by dropping a very exclusive batch of seltzer called "100". The article states that the flavor has notes of strawberry and citrus (right up my alley) and the bottle...wait for it.....GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Polar Seltzer

As you can see, if the bottle is in a dark room, the Ursa Major constellation will appear right on their polar bear mascot's body!

Unfortunately, finding this flavor in your local grocery store is probably less likely than seeing a shooting star. The site says that only 15,000 cases were distributed nationally which is not very many at all.

I have done some digging and can't find any stores in the Granite State that are selling this very limited edition flavor. WOMP WOMP. If you know of one, or know someone who is hoarding a case at their house, let a sister know. Maybe we can meet in a dark alley somewhere and get a deal done. If you are truly trying to hunt down a bottle for collecting purposes, I found this bottle on eBay for 20 bucks!

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