Normally-elusive wild cats have been making their share of appearances around New England lately.

Up in Amity, Maine, a woman saw not one but three lynx on the side of the road and captured them on video. A second woman in West Ossipee, New Hampshire got these beautiful shots of a bobcat that she saw on her property while pulling into her driveway.

More bobcats have continued to show themselves in recent days, this time in the Rye area. The Rye Police Department recently made a Facebook post acknowledging multiple calls from concerned citizens who've seen these creatures out and about during the day.

Bobcats are typically nocturnal, according to National Geographic, so this increase in daytime appearances understandably has some people on edge.

However, the Police Department reassured that this behavior is normal:

"Winter is near the end and wildlife is struggling to find food. They are in survival mode and will not be as afraid when they see humans. They mean no harm and usually are passing through yards to find their next meal. Most bobcats are shy and don’t usually tend to go near people."

The Facebook post also details a variety of preventative measures that could help wildlife stay away from your property, or at least be less intrigued by it.

So rest assured, if you look out your window and see a bobcat strolling through your yard, it's probably just looking for a snack rather than trouble. That said, it's always important to remain careful and keep an eye on small children and animals if they're outside.

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