One of the coolest parts about living in New England is we literally have EVERYTHING here. Think about it. We have four full seasons (well, maybe it feels more like 6 months of winter and then 2 months each of spring, summer, and fall). We have foliage like no one else really has (I don't care what season it is, we have it.)

We have killer hiking spots, we have the best seafood in the country, we have Santa's flippin Village, and we have a ton of different wildlife here, too. In the water, we have sharks, whales, lobsters, crabs, bluefish, cod -- we have it all.

On land? We have bobcats, mountain lions, deer, moose, foxes, coyotes, bears, owls, bald eagles, and no doubt a ton more that I'm forgetting as well. But therein also lies the problem, sometimes, too. We hear a noise and immediately, unless we're skilled outdoorsmen (and women), it can quickly become, "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT?!"

And that's exactly what happened on a late night in Sutton, New Hampshire.

Emily Giroux posted a video in the u Local New Hampshire Facebook Group taken from her Ring doorbell. She had gone out late at night to walk her dog, when she heard a high-pitched shrieking sound.

You can hear the shriek sound around 53 seconds in. Naturally, like most things like this, there were some serious answers on the post (it seemed like the general consensus was a moose), but also some goofy answers (it seemed like the goofy consensus was Sasquatch.)

Emily is still unsure what made this sound, even though there were tons of suggestions on her Facebook post. Do you know what could've made this sound?

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