Last week while getting change on the $20 bill, the clerk made a technical mistake, and I almost called him on it. Then I realized, maybe this is an order of service which has passed.

What happened? The change was handed back out of place.

This is far from the first time it's happened. Banks aside, change hasn't been returned properly on a regular basis for a number of years. For a refresher, big bills, followed by small, and all facing the same way. Yeah, reading this back makes me feel like I belong on a porch yelling at speeding traffic, and commenting on the TV newscaster's outfit. Anyway, not a complete deal breaker, but recently something that I've given a little thought. Who under 25 had a parent, or adult figure show them how to properly load a wallet? In a debit/credit/app pay world, does this still happen? Does it even matter? Big bills up front, and tier the denominations from there.

I still find myself rearranging what is out of order. Sometimes, passive aggressively at the counter. To me, it's not an OCD thing, it's the order of business.

No, I'm not 73. Anyone else? Or, am I the mayor of Curmudgeon Island? 

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