Imagine seeing an extra thousand dollars in your bank account. It could happen!

Each weekday in November (excluding Thanksgiving and the day after) when you hear the 'cue to call' be the 25th Nationwide Caller (877-854-W-I-N-S) and you could have an extra $1,000 just in time for the holidays.


It's “2K a Day” on WOKQ!

To make it a bit easier for you, here are the times to pay extra special attention and be listening for the 'cue to call.

Monday, November 21 - 12n and 4pm

Tuesday, November 22 - 1pm and 6pm

Wednesday, November 23 - 9a and 2pm

Thanksgiving - No contesting
Black Friday - No contesting

Remember that you can also win $10,000 in cash by joining our VIP Club!