Rob Gronkowski never said he was going to retire after last season's Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. However, that hasn't stopped anyone from speculating what the New England Patriots tight-end might be thinking.

Whatever his future might hold after his playing days are over, there's no shortage of people making suggestions. WWE Super Star John Cena suggested Gronk would be a "perfect fit" to join the ranks of professional wrestling. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sylvester Stallone both think he'd make a great actor.

Up to this point Gronk has been silent about returning to the Patriots. Until now. According to The New York Post, Rob Gronkowski wants to take his size 16 nimble at dancing into the end Dancing with the Stars.

The Post claims Gronk told guests at Shaquille O’Neal’s Miami Music Week event “Fun House” that he wants to not only compete on the show...but wants to win. The paper says he was also quoted as saying, “I’m the best dancer in the NFL,” and that he's so good on his feet, he's even incorporating dance into his workouts.

If this video at Shaq's party is any evidence, Gronk just might win the coveted Disco Ball given to winners on DWTS.



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