Today is Valentine's Day. It's the one day of the year that men everywhere are reminded to "be more romantic." Personally, if you have to be reminded to be romantic with your significant other...maybe you shouldn't have a significant other! Just sayin'. I also think that every day is Valentine's Day if you're doing it right.

Shoppers Prepare For Valentines Day

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With that is the day that most guys will send flowers, buy jewelry, candy, a stuffed animal, or make some other romantic gesture. In fact, according to, the average person plans to spend $34 on Valentine's Day this year.  The average guy will spend $41. The average woman will spend $26. And while that doesn't seem like a lot for the love of your life...44% of people said they plan to spend nothing.

Most of THOSE people live in Maine. No joke. Maine is the ONLY state where the most people will spend less than $10 for their Valentine. The average Mainer is planning to spend an average of $9.67. Sure that's a little better than North Dakota and Alaska...but not by much. Lovers in New Hampshire spend around $35 for Valentine's Day. And people in Massachusetts drop almost $31.

No matter how much you spend today...whether you go out to a fancy restaurant or cook at a card or make one yourself...take time to spend time with the one you love. And guys...if you're thinking about skipping the love fest all together...keep in mind, Wallet Hub says 53% of women would end a relationship over no Valentine's Day gift.'ve been warned!

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