Will fireworks displays soon be a thing of the past?

A new study has found that fireworks appear to have negative long and short term health effects due to particulate matter. Basically, they may leave you coughing and wheezing because that stuff gets pretty deep into your lungs. Most at risk are those with asthma, and those who may otherwise be at risk of heart attack and stroke.

Given this news, is there plan to get ban fireworks displays? In a word, no.

Before the tinfoil hat club gets all uppity, rest assured the government isn't looking to outlaw your Made in China Fourth of July Freedom Explosions. Really, does everything have to be some politicized conspiracy anymore? Fireworks just happen to make the air pretty crappy through about noon the following day so you ought to be careful.


If you're sensitive to particulate matter, don't be downwind from the display. Heck, be as far away as you can. Watch them on television with the windows closed and an air purifier if you want. Better still, watch classic screensavers.

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