Even champions get a day off.

I always wondered if Brady AKA "THE GOAT" cheated on has diet.  He is arguably the greatest of all time, but even disciplined champions get to throw back once in a while.

The internet has been all a buzz over Tom Brady’s super strict diet; the one that includes only Pink Himalayan Salt, organic and plant-based foods, no sugar and maybe some fish now and again.

After reading about his diet I have even made some changes to the way I eat.

One change was demanding my wife buy me that special salt. She says that’s not enough, and I have to put down the Oreos, but HEY IT’S A START, OK!

Even a champion that treats his body like a temple has to have fun now and again.

According to Yahoo.com, Tom Brady was seen in a clip that is making the rounds on Instagram chugging a beer. That’s right, A BEER.


He is human!  He is one of us!  He drinks beer!  Ok, maybe just for the special occasion of getting his sixth Super Bowl ring!  Open up the tap.  The man certainly deserves a beer!  And then some!

Now, to tell my wife to pick me up some beer CAUSE TOM BRADY DRINKS BEER.

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