The NFL Top Players of 2019 is out.

According to, the list put out by the NFL Network has Tom Brady listed as No. 6???

What?? How can the man that eats, drinks and sleeps football be No. 6?  HE HAS 6 SUPERBOWL WINS!

According to, the list has Brady at the No. 6 position as overall player as ranked by his fellow NFL players.

Do you think there may be some jealously factoring into their votes?

Brady was ranked No. 3 on the quarterback list behind Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes.  Other players that ranked ahead of Brady are Aaron Donald, Khalil Mac, and Todd Gurley.

Many players took to social media to proclaim that Tom IS the greatest football player of all time. Brady’s teammate Kyle Van Noy said, “He doesn’t have the craziest numbers, but he is still playing at a high level.”

I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Tom Brady has delivered us three consecutive Super Bowl appearances and he makes the list at No.6.

Sometimes it’s not about the stats, it’s about the heart.

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