Yesterday I blogged about the best concert I've ever been to. And while it may have been difficult to nail down just isn't that difficult to name the worst concert I've ever seen.

Hands down, no thought required, it has to be John Mellencamp. It wasn't entirely his fault. Although he didn't help matters much.

Let me be clear. I love John Mellencamp. I loved him when he was John Cougar. I loved him as John Cougar Mellencamp. And when he dropped the Cougar...I was still a fan. John and I have a history, I was one of three morning show hosts to interview him about ten years ago, and have him play live from his studio in Indiana. So I'm really a big fan. And that's why I was so disappointed in his show.

When he hit the stage I was expecting to a rousing number like Rain On The Scarecrow, or maybe a great oldie like I Need A Lover to get the crowd on their feet. Nope! We were treated to some slow song that no one had ever heard. was on his new CD, but let's be real...anyone that came to see John Mellencamp that night came to hear Jack & Diane, not some song we couldn't sing along with. Maybe, had he not proceeded to sing two more unknown songs, the audience would have given him more of a chance. However, the crowd was unforgiving. When he tried to tell a story about the next one was having it. The crowd was rude and disrespectful. They hurled insults, and interrupted him multiple times. Mellencamp responded in kind. He cursed, and insulted them back. In a word, it was ugly.

By the end of the show he had redeemed himself, at least in my eyes. He sang six of his big hits, and I while I was disappointed there weren't more, at least he didn't sing anymore unknowns. Although he did refuse to do an encore. Which never sits well with me.

What's the concert you went to with high hopes, but ended up really disappointed?

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