When your family starts to drive you nuts this Christmas you can do two things...have another cup of spiked eggnog...or count your blessings and remember that you're lucky to have them.

Genevieve Purinton just got an early Christmas gift. She's 88 years old, and lives in Tampa, Florida. All eight of her siblings have passed away. And she never raised a child. But she did have a baby when she was 18.

Sadly, she gave it up for adoption. Which I think most of us can understand to some degree. That very well may have been the best decision at the time. But what makes it incredibly sad is Genevieve's doctors told her the baby died at birth. She recently found out they were just trying to make the adoption easier on her...and it was actually a lie.

Meanwhile, Connie Moultroup lives in Richmond, Vermont. She's 69 years old. And she just found out that Genevieve is her birth mother!

This is crazy. According to a report by NBC News, last Christmas, Connie got an Ancestry DNA kit as a gift. She took the test, submitted the DNA, and found out Genevieve was her biological mom. They finally  got to meet each other last week for the very first time.

As you can imagine, the reunion was emotional and filled with lots of tears. Not only did Genevieve find out her daughter didn't die at birth, she also discovered she has a granddaughter, and two great-grandchildren.

I don't know about you...but in my book that counts as a Christmas blessing.

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