It’s that time of year again.  Ben Frechette of NBC5 is predicting some snow in southern Vermont possibly on Friday so it’s time to get ready!

I’m scheduling my snow tires to be put on my Mini Cooper next week because let’s face it, a Mini Cooper doesn’t stand much of a chance in the snow, so I have to get ready soon.

How are you feeling about the chance of snow?  Are you feeling like these ducks that WMUR posted last year?  They are so adorable!

They head out of the barn, hit the snow, and turn right back around into the barn.  Personally, I am looking forward to the snow.

I want to learn to ski this year.  Just cross-country skiing, I don’t think downhill skiing or snowboarding is for me.

The forecast for some snow by NBC5 has me thinking of a road trip this weekend just to see some snow.  It may just be a few inches, but I am ready for winter.

Maybe I should get the snow tires installed on my car before I head up to Vermont.  My cat, a black and white tuxedo cat, has never seen snow.  I wonder if her reaction would be the same as those ducks.

I have to get a harness for her and take her out for the first snowfall to see if she is a fan.  You never know!  I will be sure and take a video when it happens.

My kids, who live in New Jersey have an English Cream Golden retriever who will stay outside all day in the snow if they let him.  It might be time for him to visit me.

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