In the “I can’t believe it” files we have this story. is reporting that a 91-year-old woman was driving her car and wound up diving front end first into a swimming pool!  Lucky for her, a neighbor sprang into action and assisted her out of the vehicle via the sunroof.

My wife has an old Mini-Cooper which I like to call her go-cart.  She insisted on getting one with a sunroof.  I think she was planning ahead.  This is totally something she would do.

According to, lucky for all involved in this swimming/driving accident as no one was hurt.

Heavy equipment operators removed the vehicle from the pool, the news station reported.

I bet they needed a lot of chemicals to clean up that mess.  I won’t be swimming there anytime soon.

How the driver ended up on the pool is a bit of a mystery but a happy ending for all… except for the car.  Can you imagine trying to file that insurance claim?

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