Jon Pardi is only three months into fatherhood, but he's already got the perfect Mother's Day present nailed down. On his wife Summer's first-ever Mother's Day, the singer woke up early so that she could sleep in.

"For Mother's Day I woke up early and took the early shift," Pardi said in his Instagram Stories on Sunday morning (May 14.) He was speaking from a porch outside his house, as he cradled the couple's infant daughter, Presley.

"Me and Presley hangin' out," Pardi continued. "She's not really into eating right now, so we're chilling on the back deck.

"She says, 'Whatchu lookin' at?'" the singer joked, panning the camera down to Presley's face as she looks up at her dad with an adorable smile.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

But mom duties don't stop for long, even on Mother's Day. In Pardi's next Instagram slide, Summer was awake to perform one of the more undignified duties out there for new parents: Clearing baby Presley's nose with a manual baby nasal aspirator.

"Mama's up suckin' boogers. Ew!" Pardi joked from behind the camera. Over on her Instagram Stories, Summer shared the same video, commenting, "No electric nose sucker will ever work as good as this, unfortunately. Happy Mother's Day to me, hahah."

Pardi also tipped his hat to Summer -- and all the other mamas on their special day -- with a family portrait, plus a close-up shot of his baby girl. "Happy 1st Mothers Day to [Summer] and all the moms out there!!" the singer wrote.

The Pardi family welcomed baby Presley Fawn on Feb. 18. The couple has been married since 2020, and Presley is their first child.

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