Everyone loves comedy and a good laugh, especially in a bit of an unexpected place (although, after years of this, it's expected now), but when whatever the source of comedy is, get serious, it carries more of an impact.

Smoked Windham

For years, whether under their current name or their former name of Binga's, Smoked Windham has been entertaining the masses -- whether Windham locals, other Mainers, or people from away -- with some of the most sarcastic and hilarious business signs ever.

Even when giving women the credit and love they deserve in recognizing Mother's Day, their sign still reeks of sarcasm (although heartfelt and genuine).

And, of course, they have a field day with current events, especially if it's something very out of the norm, like a window on an airplane randomly ripping open mid-flight.

However, very rarely does Smoked Windham post up a sign with a more serious tone -- at least, outside of congratulating local high school sports teams, graduates, or mourning the loss of an employee, customer, co-worker, or well-known community member.

That's why heads turned when Smoked Windham unexpectedly went from something as sarcastic to child birth causing women to pee when they cough, to extra awareness while driving.

smokedwindham via Instagram / Photo by Gijs Coolen on Unsplash
smokedwindham via Instagram / Photo by Gijs Coolen on Unsplash

Smoked Windham Signs

With winter fully in the rear view and the warmer months now blanketing Maine, more summer-friendly vehicles will be seen on the roads -- cars with open sunroofs, convertibles, and of course, motorcycles.

And while motorcyclists need to be just as safe as every other driver on the road (that's mainly a reminder to the motorcycle operators that gun it to 100 mph in between two lanes to pass slower-than-they'd-like traffic), drivers in general need to be extra aware of their surroundings especially during these warmer months.

And that's what Smoked Windham wants to make sure the public knows.

Did that motorcycle awareness sign garner the usual amount of love and "likes" on social media as their others? No.

But sometimes it's not about that. Sometimes it's just about doing the right thing. And making sure everyone -- local or tourist -- is as safe as possible.

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