Asking for help is an interesting thing, because some people can do it without thinking twice, and others will exhaust every other option available first before sucking up their pride and asking for it.

And, as a dude that's usually the one helping (in the form of bringing positive attention to countless New England businesses) via his Instagram account, unexpected events leave him in need of some massive help.

the_roamingfoodie via Instagram
the_roamingfoodie via Instagram

The Roaming Foodie Instagram

Better known as The Roaming Foodie on Instagram, Joseph "Joey" Calcavecchia has traveled all over New England to hype up all different kinds of restaurants and eateries, showing off their specialties, most popular menu items, and everything in between.

Whether it's the best Italian in Boston, the best Mexican in Maine, the greatest seafood on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, the best donuts in New England, Joey has covered it all and then some on his account.

An account that is on a bit of a hiatus after a horrific four-car accident in North Andover, Massachusetts, in mid-May 2024 where Joseph was the only person injured.

the_roamingfoodie via Instagram
the_roamingfoodie via Instagram

Roaming Foodie Crash

According to his sister, Jenna, Joey was traveling back home after a long day of filming The Roaming Foodie content, when a deer darted out onto 93, causing a multi-car crash and leaving Joey trapped in his car, needing the jaws of life to be rescued.

He was med flighted to Tufts Medical Center in Boston with serious injuries. Joey is in the ICU and has a few broken ribs, both lungs collapsed, fractures on his face, a crack in the front of his skull, and is currently on a ventilator.

According to updates being posted to the story of The Roaming Foodie account, Joey is still in the ICU but just recently gave his parents a thumbs up, a good sign that he's taking small, positive steps toward and along what may be a long road to recovery.

Roaming Foodie GoFundMe

Jenna has set up a GoFundMe to help with the cost of Joey's medical bills and recovery. And, quite honestly, what better way for the businesses that have benefitted from Joey's kind words, hype, and highlight to his clearly super popular Instagram account, than help contribute with some of the money he's helped them make.

Keep crushing your recovery, Joey! All of New England (and even tourists from outside the region) are sending you all the positive, healing, recovering vibes. We can't wait to see you doing what you love again sooner than later!

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