Is there anything better than a nice, juicy cheeseburger in the summer?

Let me amend that.

Is there anything better than a nice, juicy cheeseburger any time?

The burger is as American as apple pie, jazz, and college football. Sure, it might originally be from Germany, but like most things in this world, America made it better. And that little morsel of meat continues to always satisfy our pallet no matter the style.

With burgers being so popular, it's to no surprise to see a list from the popular foodie site, LoveFood. The writers of all things culinary decided to take a closer look at America's love affair with the burger, and where the best ones might call home. The site picked the best burger from every state, giving the reader an opportunity to see the sandwich's versatility, and to know where to travel next.

Maine's representative is a tremendous pick. This burger is not to be reckoned with and takes a Herculean effort to even finish in one sitting. According to LoveFood, the Pine Tree State's top burger is the 'Palais Royale' from the iconic Palace Diner in Biddeford.

Palace Diner via Instagram
Palace Diner via Instagram

The Palais Royale is a double patty burger smothered with cheese and topped with crispy lettuce, pickles, and special sauce. It sits in-between a classic sesame seed bun, and comes with a side of fries. It's no frills, and absolutely delicious. A true diner burger that makes you crave it again the second after your last bite.

Palace Diner is probably used to this publicity by now. The diner has been a huge hit since opening nearly a decade ago. The 1927 dining car has been featured in numerous national publications, and even on the hit Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil.

Here is a little of what LoveFood had to say about choosing the Palais Royale.

Located in one of two surviving Pollard trolley cars in the country, Palace Diner in Biddeford is famous for its unusual setting – and the food served here lives up to any hype. The particularly good, and a go-to for many loyal customers.

Ready to try the Royale? Just be aware, the lunch counter is small, so there could be a bit of a wait to sit down. However, the Palace Diner also offers takeout. You can find out more info on their site.

And while you're there, feel free to grab a Royale for your favorite DJ. I'll pay for it. I promise.

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