Whether you're looking for a job or thinking about moving on to a new career path, the idea of job hunting can be overwhelming for many. Do you have the right skills? The right education? What jobs are hiring and which ones pay the best?

Stacker recently put together a list of the 50 fastest-growing jobs in Maine. The criteria for this jobs and careers is simple: how many jobs were added from 2022 to 2023 in a particular position of employment.

Here are the top five fastest-growing jobs in Maine right now.


Maine's hospitality industry has become a multi-billion dollar business. Maine has always been Vacationland, but more than ever, it has become a true worldwide tourism destination.

Hotel maid bringing fresh towels to the room

From Bar Harbor to Kennebunkport, new hotels and motels are opening and the need for housekeeping is in high demand. The job added nearly 1,500 positions from 2022 to 2023. That was a 33% increase, making it one of the most in-demand positions in Maine.


You wouldn't expect Maine to be a very litigious state, considering its modest population. But it's not just about criminal defense or divorce proceedings, real estate attorneys and environmental lawyers can make a living in Maine as well.

businesswoman and businessman signing contract in the office

Which is why paralegals have become one of the most in-demand jobs in the state over the past couple of years. From 2022 to 2023, 320 paralegals or legal assistant jobs were added in Maine. That was an increase of 34%.

Computer Network System Administrators

During and following the pandemic, many companies across Maine discovered some important lessons about how they operated. Being stuck in an office is inefficient, and companies need to make sure they operate remotely safely and securely.

Data centre worker with tablet computer in data centre
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

The need for network and computer system administrators has jumped dramatically in the past couple years. 350 jobs in this field were added, marking a 37% increase. It's a lucrative position as well, with a median salary in 2023 of $78,000.

Financial Services

With growing financial unrest among everyday people, individuals are feeling more pressure than ever to personally ensure that when they reach retirement age, they'll have the proper funds to stand on their own.

Financial planning consultation

That's why the financial services sector in Maine is growing rapidly. 560 jobs were added in this field from 2022 to 2023, showcasing a massive jump of 60%. Not only that, but it can be a comfortable living, with the median pay in 2023 at $73,000.


As mentioned above, Maine's hospitality industry is booming after the pandemic brought it close to the edge. Other towns and cities beyond Portland are trying to put their name on the map, offering exquisite dining and overnight accommodations.

Couple ordering from a waitress in restaurant

That has led to another massive spike in the need for experienced bartenders and servers as well as barbacks and food runners across the state. From small restaurants to large resorts, the industry added 650 jobs from 2022 to 2023. That was a nearly 80% increase.

Check out the entire list from Stacker here.

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