Maine, known for things like breathtaking landscapes, outdoor recreation, and seafood, just snagged another win: ranking #2 in the nation for its nursing workforce. This shows our state's dedication to keeping its people healthy and happy.

With National Nurses Week being this week, WalletHub gathered some data and released their report on 2024's Best & Worst States for Nurses. The data used ranged from current job opportunities for nurses per capita, average salaries, and even dove deeper into mandatory overtime restrictions and nursing home quality.

Healthcare team with ID badges stand outdoors, full length

With the data gathered, WalletHub was able to determine that Maine ranked impressively at #6 in the nation for nursing-job openings per capita. This shows a favorable job market for aspiring nurses, with lots of prospects for career advancement.

Maine also ranked very high at #8 as far as healthcare facilities per person, allowing folks in Maine to have easy access to top-notch care whenever they need it. The state is also #2 in the nation for the projected share of seniors by 2030, further confirming its continuing need for quality nurses.

Nursing isn't your average 9-to-5 gig. These workers are on their feet for long hours and dealing with all kinds of situations, from emergencies to everyday care. It gets intense. So it's only fair that they get paid well for what they do and have workplaces that treat them right. After all, they're the ones keeping us all healthy and safe, so cheers, and thank you to all of the hard-working nurses in Maine and throughout the US.

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