It's finally that time of the year where everyone is taking all opportunities to get outside on a nice day. A popular way to enjoy the rays of the sunshine is to spend a leisurely day in the park, surrounded by nature's beauty, enjoying the fresh air, and... getting tipped over in portable toilets? Sounds like something you might see in a slapstick comedy sketch, but sadly, this is a real-life incident that went down at Derryfield Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

According to WMUR, 18 year-old Aiden Studer was allegedly having a disagreement with a woman. Soon after, she went inside the porta-potty to help her daughter. That is when Studer pushed the portable toilet over on its side, with the door-side landing on the pavement.

WMUR also stated at the that point, people nearby immediately came to the rescue to get the toilet back to its upright position. As you can imagine, the outcome was about as bad as you would imagine – the woman and child were covered in feces and bodily fluids.

Whether it was over whose turn it was to use the swings or who snagged the last ice cream cone from the ice cream truck, we may never know. What we do know is that things escalated quickly, and he gave the porta-potty a little nudge. Well, more like a hefty shove.

While the woman and her daughter emerged physically unscathed, they were as traumatized as most would be by their unexpected plunge into toilet turmoil. As for the culprit, he's learning the hard way and now involved in his own crappy situation: a messy legal matter. According to WMUR, he was charged with two counts of criminal restraint and criminal mischief, along with simple assault for allegedly throwing a shoe at a police officer. He was arrested and released on cash bail.

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