You may have heard of this relatively popular pop star named Taylor Swift. She's kind of, like, all the rage right now.

Let's be honest, Taylor is having a moment. I haven't seen fandom like this since Michael Jackson was moonwalking his way to platinum albums. Taylor even helped bring the largest viewing audience to this past year's Super Bowl, simply because she is dating a football player. Whether you are a fan or not, one must respect what she has been able to accomplish at a relatively young age.

It's been a meteoric rise from aspiring pop country star to Queen of America for Taylor. one that's included many heartbreaks, albums about those heartbreaks, world tours, and a boatload of money. But did you know this historic run included a trip to Maine to shoot a music video?

Let's take a ride all the way back to 2010. That is when Taylor was still in a bit of a pop country faze. She was about to release her third studio album, Speak Now. The first single to drop off the album was the song "Mine." The song needed a music video, and Maine was selected for the place to shoot it.

Taylor and crew came up to Maine in July of 2010 to shoot the video. Locations in Kennebunkport and Cape Elizabeth were primarily used, including the historic Ram Island Farm.

But what really got Mainers talking was Taylor's trip into Portland to eat at one of the most iconic restaurants in the city, Becky's.

Becky's via Facebook
Becky's via Facebook

Becky's is an absolute staple in Portland's working waterfront. As the story goes, Becky's originally opened after owner Becky Rand successfully argued for a zoning change on the waterfront to allow her restaurant to open. It would be a place for Portland's fishermen to eat before and after their haul. The mother of six opened Becky's in 1991, and the rest is history. It still opens daily at 4am for the fisherman and other early risers.

Becky's popularity has only continued to grow due to its tasty menu and national attention from numerous television appearances, including $40 a Day and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. And yes, Taylor hit up a late dinner while done shooting there. She even spent some time chatting it up with the Becky's crew and taking some photos.

Talk about a cool story to be able to tell for, well, forever.

Becky's and the rest of Maine clearly left a positive impression on Taylor. She even told the world how much she enjoyed her time, especially in Portland.

Here's to Maine being a place that the biggest star in the world absolutely adores. Who knows, maybe she and Travis Kelce will retire here. Or maybe she will dump him and write an entire album about their relationship. It's probably 50-50 right now. But I digress.

Anyway, here's the video shot in Maine. Do you recognize any of these locations?

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