Do we need another choice?  Maybe so.

When you go grocery shopping, do you ever think to yourself, "There are so many choices, which one is best?"  Now, we have another one to choose from.  Walmart is introducing a new exclusive brand called Bettergoods to all their stores, described as "a new elevated experience that delivers quality, unique, chef-inspired food at an incredible price."  Well, let's hope so.

Affordable quality food for New England?  Sign me up.

According to, Walmart is introducing a new food line that is described as products that will give quality, "chef-inspired" food for a good price.  Does that mean everyone might be able to afford it?  Cool.

There are three types of Bettergoods that will be offered.

  • Chef-Inspired - "Elevated", a/k/a fancy ingredient recipes for the elevated palate.
  • Plant Based - For the vegetarians.
  • Made Without - This category will offer items without certain things for people with allergies, or dietary lifestyles like gluten free, no artificial flavors, no dairy, no sugar, etc.

The full line of products won't be rolled out for a few months. However, they are in store and online for your online grocery shopping adventures.  From what they say in, Bettergoods items range in price from under $2 to $15.

Sounds like Trader Joe's

This brand kind of sounds like what Trader Joe's is doing, and I love Trader Joes.  The younger demographic is not brand loyal (I don't think) when it comes to grocery stores.  They can go from Hannaford to Market Basket to Walmart and be totally okay with that for specific items or to find the best deals.  I'm totally with them.  The savings can be in the hundreds.

Do you shop at Walmart?  How do you think this sounds?

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