Plaistow Police and Fire had a most unusual call on Tuesday afternoon, involving pigs on the loose.

The call came around 2:45 p.m. that three pigs were in the middle of Main Street after escaping from a farm, according to Plasitow Police Sgt. Jason Mazza.

"They were all wrangled up and caught by our officers, with the assistance of nearby residents, which was very much appreciated," Mazza told Seacoast Current in an email.

Pictures posted by Plaistow Police and the Rockingham Alert Facebook page show officers using ropes to capture the pigs and a golf cart to guide them.

The Rockingham Alert page was also filled with over 400 comments providing "helpful" tips and jokes, like using bags of Oreos and potato chips to lure the pigs.

The Plaistow Fire Department, which was part of the effort, got into the spirit on its Facebook page with a picture of Porky Pig.

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