Jelly Roll has completely taken over the music world.

The former inmate has turned his life completely around, and is one of the best role models in the world.

He is proving that it does not matter what kind of mistakes you have made. You can always turn your life around and do better.

Jelly Roll's iconic speech at the CMAs, when he won Best New Artist of the Year, captures his essence:

I want to tell you that the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason. What's in front of you is so much more important than what's behind you.

And if the quote was not enough, he spends a lot of his "free time" inspiring inmates around the country to take on a better life after prison.

The other day, I went to listen to Jelly Roll's new collaboration with Jessie Murph. "Wild Ones" is such a cool song; a bit pop, a bit rap, and a bit country.

After seeing that song, I noticed that one of Jelly Roll's most streamed songs was a rap song called "Best of Me." The song, which is fire, caught my attention because it is a collaboration between Jelly Roll and Joyner Lucas.

Joyner Lucas attended South High Community School in Worcester, Massachusetts.

He is a rapper and a product of New England, with many references to Boston, Worcester, and Massachusetts in his songs.

The lyrics are truly beautiful and heavy, yet it touches on an impactful part of both Jelly Roll's and Joyner Lucas' lives:

Yeah, I got somebody I love (Yeah)
Someone who's really important to me, but now they addicted to drugs (Damn)
Someone who not who they used to be and we ain't been keepin' in touch...


How can you love someone and learn to let them go?
How can we fall apart on things we'll never know?
Tell me, is it really love if you have to ask if they'll stay?

Give the song a listen.

I love the crossover work that Jelly Roll is doing. The man is talented in country, rock, and certainly rap.

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