Moms always love breakfast in bed served up by little hands and homemade cards, but it might not be as easy to find age-appropriate ways to involve children in shopping for a special Mother's Day present.

Especially if you were thinking of a big gift that comes in a small box.

So, we turned to our friends at Jewelry Creations in downtown Dover for ideas on how to get the kids involved with selecting and purchasing jewelry:

1) Take her favorite jewelry in for a free clean and check. As Jewelry Creations' staff puts it, your jewelry needs a good cleaning and a check every once in awhile — just like your car, only jewelry doesn't have a check engine light! They'll clean your jewelry and check it for loose gemstones, cracks and other things that might need repair for free, whether you bought the jewelry there or not.

She probably hasn't had a chance to do this lately for herself, but you and the kids can take care of it for her. She'll appreciate the extra shine.

2) Explore birthstone jewelry, looking for a piece that incorporates one or more of the children's birthstones. (Jewelry Creations has a list of birthstones here.) For a fun twist, the children could help craft fake-out packaging to add to the surprise or they could deliver the gift themselves.

3) Add a diamond band to her bridal set to represent the family you've built; you could pick out two or three options and ask the children to make the final choice. Options include Hearts on Fire Repertoire Select Band, a 14K White Gold Diamond Band by Henri Daussi,

4) Embrace the symbolism of love knots and infinity symbols, like Ed Levin's Infinity Pendant, Ed Levin's Love Knot Bracelet, Leslie's Yellow Gold Infinity Bracelet or Henri Daussi's Diamond Infinity Band. Teach your children about the symbolism so they understand the meaning behind the gift.

Jewelry Creations' website

5) Shop for two gifts at once. While supplies last, Jewelry Creations is giving away a free "Mommy Chic" pendant on a silver chain with a $250 purchase. The pendant could be a great gift for the kids to wrap and present to Mom, and you can give her the other great jewelry you found at Jewelry Creations.

6) Customize your own design. Tom and Kendra, the bench jewelers at Jewelry Creations, can give new life to a piece of jewelry that has been sitting in a box for years or help you design a truly custom piece. Depending on their ages, you could ask the children to help you pick out one or two elements of a design piece or take them to the consultation with Tom or Kendra.

Ready to start shopping? Stop in Jewelry Creations at 388 Central Ave., Dover, or browse their website.