We love a local company that does good stuff for the community and that is exactly what Catalyst for Change Wear is! They are a Maine made clothing brand that focuses on giving back to causes they believe are important. Each sale donates to AFSP Maine (a suicide prevention organization) and Maine Children's Cancer Program.

Their apparel is comfortable, affordable, and OH SO MAINE:

Some items boast a message of body positivity:

Other's convey a message of hope:

This past September for the 8th year in a row, Catalyst for Change brought awareness to suicide prevention month through sharing education and resources for those who need it. The founder of CFC, Kyle, speaks very candidly about his mental health struggles and battles with depression. He encourages people to check in on their friends. Sometimes we all need reminding that it's okay to not be okay.

Together, we can normalize talking about mental health and give each other the strength to KEEP GOING.

Country star Jimmie Allen supports this message! He was spotted rocking a Catalyst for Change tee shirt on Dancing with the Stars the other night:

cfcwear via Instagram
cfcwear via Instagram

How cool is that? Around 4.1 million eyeballs all over the country saw that Maine made shirt on national TV.

So how did he get the shirt?

I did a little digging and found out that Mainer and up and coming country artist Joseph Gallant is besties with Kyle, the owner of CFC. Joe performed at Wally's in Hampton with Jimmie right before the world shut down and gave him the "Keep Going" shirt we saw on national TV! And there you have it, folks!

Sadly Jimmie got the boot from the show that night, but all is good in the hood! He honestly seemed relieved.

And tonight, it's on to the next big thing. He will be performing his hit single "Freedom Was a Highway" with Brad Paisley on the CMA stage.

You go, Jimmie! Thanks for supporting mental health awareness and fantastic company in Maine.

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