Can you imagine if you completely blew the chance to date Nicole Kidman?

credit The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at YouTube

Or maybe for you it would be that time Dierks Bentley came over for cheese & crackers... oh yeah, we live in a different world but still. Jimmy Fallon discovered last night that he totally could have dated a then single Nicole Kidman. Perhaps he would have turned to country music and ditched his tv career.

I remember at my high school reunion discovering that my 12 year old self could have dated the popular girl in school. It sorta blew my mind. Of course I'm happy with how things ultimately ended up, but I can't help but wonder how different my path would have been had I known then what I know now (my popularity in school kinda peaked about that time and steadily declined after).

Have you ever learned long after the fact that someone was interested in you and you were oblivious to the opportunity?