Dogs are the BEST species. Sorry, humans.

They are. I mean, think about your dog at home. How loyal that good boy or good girl is. Dogs will go to the end of the world for their owners and their needs. On their (or your) worst day, dogs are always positive, supportive, loyal, and there for us.

This is especially true for K9 dogs. Trained K9 dogs have saved lives all over the world, at times of war, and even right here in freezing cold New England.

CBS Boston, Via Youtube
CBS Boston, Via Youtube

"K9 Biza, a female German shepherd, was called on to help after officers learned the child left their home at around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and was last seen in the Pakachoag Hill area of Auburn, the Auburn Police Department said," according to a Fox News article.

The 12-year-old left the house without permission, without a cellphone, and obviously without any plan to survive the deep winter temperatures we have in New England.

A very scary scene. Police, searchers, and K9 Biza were against the clock.

"K9 Biza and her handler, Auburn Police Officer David Ljunggren, were deployed, and the dog eventually picked up a scent," according to Fox.

Biza, the K9, followed a scent for over two miles. I always find it so impressive that these dogs can follow a scent and stay focused on the task for over two miles.

Well, Biza's snout was spot on. She led the police to actual evidence that the child passed an area, and it came at a crucial time.

"Biza is a good dog," Deputy Chief Richard Mills told the newspaper, according to FOX. And the good girl helped save this 12-year-old from spending a night in the freezing cold alone.

If it were not for K9 Biza, this may be a different story. Let's hear some commotion for the best girl.

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