Kane Brown loves his fans — they're responsible for his fame, taking him from a YouTube influencer to a country music superstar — but occasionally, a wild fan gets too close for comfort.

"This one guy came up (to our door)," Brown tells Sam Alex during a visit to Taste of Country Nights.

"He's awesome and he is from here, so if you hear this I'm not talking bad about you," he continues, laughing as he says this, "But he came and knocked on the door. We had just ordered pizza and it had been 30 minutes and I thought the pizza was there. I don’t know why but me and my fiancée went together to get the pizza ... So we go get the pizza, thinking it’s the pizza guy, and this guy throws a 12-pack of Coors Light in my hand and throws a bag of wine in her hand and sprints off the porch."

Kane Brown Spills Wedding Deets and We Hope We're Invited

Brown was completely blindsided — he had no idea what was in the bag that the man put in his hand before he opened it, which was alarming.

"There was a letter inside asking me to come to his wedding," the "Heaven" singer recalls. "He cuts the grass in the neighborhood. He just threw something at me and sprinted off my porch."

Fans recognize Brown's truck, which is likely how someone found his home. But the singer shares that he recently bought a new house. "Growing up, I never had a steady home," he explains, still talking about his prior residence in the Mt. Juliet, Tenn., area.

"So just to move into a new house and call it mine was awesome, but our yard was really small and we had the people coming up and knocking on our doors and stuff," Brown says, "So now we have moved in (to the new house) and the dogs actually have somewhere to run. Nash is like 110 pounds already at eight months old and he needs to run, so we have a big yard now for him to run in."

Hear that, unruly fans? Brown has big dogs.

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