The last time Kane Brown was in Boston he was sporting some serious Celtics pride with the fam. Even baby Kingsley was repping! We love to see it!

Kingsley is giving that hotdog the side eye as if to say "I don't know what you are but I'm gonna put you in my belly".

Kane is a Georgia boy and his wife Katelyn is from Pennsylvania. We aren't sure where this Celtics pride comes from but we are HERE FOR IT. Katelyn graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston so that could very well be the connection!

Kane brought his Blessed & Free tour to the TD Garden in Boston last night and sure enough he was rocking a Celtics jersey again:

His show was straight fire as the kids say (I think they are still saying that. It's hard to keep up)!

The highlight of the show was when Kane brought out all of the Boston mascots during his song "Famous Friends" along with some Bruins players too! THE CROWD WENT WILD!

Brian Babineau/@tdgarden via Twitter
Brian Babineau/@tdgarden via Twitter

I wonder if Kane is bringing out hometown celebrities during that song for every stop on his tour. I like to think he only did it in Boston because he loves us the most!

I saw a lot of people trying to sell their tickets last minute because of the vaccine mandate the TD Garden put in place a few months ago. Kane never disappoints and always puts on a great show. I am grateful that artists are able to get back on the road and perform again!

Since we are going on year three of this virus, I think it's safe to say it isn't going anywhere. We need to learn how to live with it as safely as possible, but still continue to live life. For some, that has been a difficult balance to achieve.

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