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Kan't Beat Kira: If you don't know, which I know you do, we play Kan't Beat Kira every weekday (Monday - Friday) around 7:45 AM. It is a one-on-one battle between Kira and a random caller who calls around 7:35 AM. If the winner beats or ties Kira, they win tickets to events, concerts, and more.

Contestant: Today, our contestant was Kim from Salem, NH.

Prize: Kim was playing for a pair of tickets to see Dierks Bentley, Ashley McBryde, and Travis Denning at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor, ME, on Thursday, June 23, 2022.


Question One: In honor of game three tonight, name one player on the Boston Celtics?

Kim: Jason Tatum, Marcus Smart, Al Horford

Kira: Marcus Smart

Correct: Any would count - they both score a point.

Score: 1-1

Question Two: What famous expression does John Cena say?

Kim: "Never give up"

Kira: "You can't handle the heat...get out of the kitchen."

Correct: "You Can't See Me" is what I was looking for. BUT. Kim reminded me that John Cena does, in fact, have a killer "never give up" speech, so we will give her a point!

Score: 2-1

Question Three: Finish the lyrics. Question three is always "finish the lyrics." I usually say the lyrics to a country song once, then sing it, then ask the contestant the next word or lines that follow.

Today came from Sam Hunt, 'Body Like a Back Road:'

"Body like a back road
Drivin' with my eyes closed
I know every curve like..." BLANK

Kim: "Like the back of my hand"

Kira: "Like the back of my hand"

Correct: "Like the back of my hand"

Final Score: 3-2


With Kim ahead 3-2, Kim scores a pair of tickets to see Dierks Bentley. So, for the first time in a while, Kira owed the phrase of shame: "I'm Kira, I'm from Portsmouth, and I can't beat Kim from Salem."

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