We love hooking our listeners up with free goodies! It's kind of our thing. So we are super excited to add a new game to our morning show that gives you the opportunity to win a prize every day.

Here is everything you need to know about our new game 'Kan't Beat Kira'

When? Weekday mornings @ 6:50

How do you play? A contestant will call and I will leave the room. Bill will ask the caller 3 questions about pop culture/current events. Bill will then summon me back and ask me the same 3 questions. If I can't answer as many questions correctly as the caller then they have beat me and will win a fabulous prize!

What is the fabulous prize? 25 Dollar Gift Card that is valid at Bernie's Beach Bar, Wally's and The Goat.

The game kicks off Monday 6/4. I hope you can beat me!! :)

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