I got an email from CJ who drives the wienermobile this morning and it totally made my day. This his opener:

"My name is CJ, or Chili Dog CJ, and I drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! Cold Cuts Chloe, my copilot sitting “shot-bun,” and I, are thrilled to “meat” the wonderful people of New Hampshire before we get back on the hot dog highways"

How fantastic is that? There are so many hot dog puns in that one introduction! Chili Dog CJ went on to share that tomorrow (10/29) the Lambourg-weenie will be at One City Hall Plaza in Manchester from 1 pm - 5 pm. There will be contact-less trivia, photo-ops galore, and you will receive one of Oscar Meyer's famous wiener whistles.

Follow the Wienermobile on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of it's whereabouts! If you go, take buns and buns of pictures!

Want to be a hotdogger and carry out the Oscar Meyer brand's mission? Hotdoggers are recent college graduated who if selected, are destined to cruise the hot dog highways via the wienermobile for an entire year! Apply here.

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