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New Boston Strangler Movie to Be Filmed Partially in Boston, Massachusetts

I love crime shows.  I can’t wait for this movie to be made.  It tells the story of the Boston Strangler from the point of view of female reporter, Loretta McLaughlin, according to

Back in the 1960s, female reporters were fighting sexism and trying to prove they could be just as good as male reporters.

This film should prove very entertaining, and I can’t wait to see the parts of Boston they choose for filming.

Boston Strangler, a timeless true-crime tale

It happened so long ago and so many other true crimes have captured the nation’s attention since that we tend to forget how groundbreaking the tale of the Boston strangler was.

Matt Ruskin is set to write and direct the film while Ridley Scott will produce it, according to the Wrap.

So many women were terrified and on edge during the sixties with the Boston strangler on the loose.

Female Reporters

McLaughlin was the groundbreaking reporter that first put all the pieces together and connected that it was one perpetrator, according to

McLaughlin and reporter Jean Cole really were pioneers in female journalism.

Ruskin is from Boston and has done a ton of research on the story and spoke to the families of McLaughlin and Cole, according to The Wrap.

It looks like a great film, and I love Keira Knightley in anything, so I may have to walk the streets of Boston looking for film crews.

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