Despite the global pandemic, Vacationland continues to live up to it's name! Celebrities have had some unexpected time off from touring and filming so what have they been doing? Many have been flocking up north to enjoy what Maine has to offer; good food, gorgeous scenery, and down to earth people.

And then this past weekend you'll never guess who was gallivanting around Maine: KENNY CHESNEY! He was in Kennebunkport no less! We think the town should officially change their name to Kenny-bunkport. Who do I talk to about this?

This photo was shared on Facebook by a nice lady named Nadine Turner Hodges. She captioned it " Another reason to go to the Colony Hotel Kennebunkport, Maine:View, Wonderful Service and You Can Hang Out With Kenny Chesney!"

I can't tell who is with Kenny and who is a new friend but I feel like that is Kenny's vibe. :)

But Kennebunkport isn't the only place in Maine that Kenny graced with his presence. Others posted on Facebook claiming to see Kenny on a yacht near Gooch's Beach. And then he posed for a pic with an employee at the Arundel Wharf restaurant. The young lad admits he was on the sweaty side after his work shift but he wasn't about to pass up a photo opp with Kenny Chesney! Can ya blame him?

It is always exciting to see an A-lister enjoying the places that we are so proud of and call home. Come back soon, Kenny!

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